With responsibility for the future

Quality is a watchword for us at Tilka. We place high demands on our suppliers and has its own detailed inspection of the products we will deliver to customers.

Since 1998 is Tilka third-party certified to the quality management system ISO 9001. We are also certified in accordance with ISO 14001 standard. Our facilities in Mönsterås is located right next to the sea in a beautiful small town.  For us it is natural to focus on the environment and how we affect it.

Everyone must do their part – we on Tilka follows the laws and regulations that exist. We have installed district heating in our facility and have a good system for the sorting of garbage and waste.

The work on quality and environmental issues will never be complete. It is a continuous improvement in Tilkas everyday. We are proud of that.


Our currently valid certificates: ISO 9001 och 14001

Check with us

Our different processes ensure that our articles meet the required requirements.


Information to our suppliers about the requirements we have for deliveries to us regarding REACH, RoHS and SCIP. Read more here.

Hydrogen embrittlement

In electrolytic surface treatment of high strength steels, there is always a risk of hydrogen brittleness. Read more here

Code of conduct

Tilka has a code of conduct that we want all our employees and partners to follow. Read more here